Michelle was such an AMAZING doula! I highly recommend her since she brings the same peace and calm to your birth, as she does to her prenatal yoga classes (which I also can't recommend enough!). She made both myself, and my husband, feel so confident for our first birth. She is wonderful, and so supportive of the birthing process!

- Sarah M, Doula Client and Prenatal Yoga Participant


Where to start... Michelle is amazing. From prenatal yoga class, to Hypnobabies education, to being by my side guiding my husband and I as we brought our son into the world (naturally). Michelle is truly talented, compassionate and knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth. During those pressure waves, Michelle and her energy as calming and serene, and she truly supported my husband and I bring our little man into the world. She is a gift to the community, and we recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!!

- Ali S, Doula Client, Hypnobabies Student and Prenatal Yoga Participant 

Michelle was both my prenatal yoga instructor and my Doula. I'm not exaggerating when I say this... She saved my life. If it weren't for her, I don't know how I would have made it through the birth of my daughter. A woman is blessed if she has the opportunity to work with Michelle. Her presence and deep listening to a mother's needs are hard to find. What a gift she is to the world!

- Marjorie D, Doula Client and Prenatal Yoga Participant

This is my 2nd pregnancy that I have attended with Michelle at Jax Prenatal Yoga. What a difference it has made in my overall attitude and health during my pregnancies and birthing. Michelle offers strength, encouragement, and love for all who attend. Her affirmations during class are so powerful! In addition, there is just something so special about a room full of pregnant mamas.

- Carrie S, Prenatal Yoga Participant

Best class ever!!!! It helped me so much when I delivered my little one :) I could almost hear Michelle's voice in my head, and it kept me very calm and relaxed! Great birth experience!!! Thank you!!!

- Claudia R, Prenatal Yoga Participant

Prenatal yoga with Michelle was such a great class to attend during pregnancy! Not only did it keep me limber, but it also taught me how to focus on my breath and other natural techniques to have a healthy, natural birth! I would recommend Michelle and Jax Prenatal to all pregnant women!

- Bailey S, Prenatal Yoga Participant


I can't begin to thank Michelle enough for everything she did for us in preparing for and birthing our children as well as the postpartum support. Her Yoga class was such a vital component of both my pregnancies.  She helped me feel healthy and flexible during the whole 9 months.  Her loving advice and support as a friend is priceless.

-Kim K, Repeat Doula Client and Prenatal Yoga Participant 

I felt so comforted by hearing Michelle's voice and encouragement while I birthed our son, and she will forever be a part of my memories of this sacred moment in our life!  I wholeheartedly believe that practicing yoga with her during my pregnancy made my pregnancy, labor, and birth a more beautiful, easier and amazing time in my life.  So... Thank you, Michelle!  For everything!

- Elizabeth P, Doula Client and Prenatal Yoga Participant